05. August 2023  
Chengdu, CHN  
Artistic Gymnastics

Chengdu 2021 FISU World University Games: Artistic Gymnastics

The Chengdu 2021 FISU World University Games, which - postponed due to a pandemic - opened now 2023 on 28 July in the Chinese metropolis of Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan, and will take place there until 8 August. After  Rhythmic Gymnastics the artistic gymnastic events started on Monday, August 01:
After CHINA's double victory in the gymnastics team events, ZHANG Boheng also won the third gold for the hosts in the all-around with 86.733 points. Japan's leading Olympic champion Daiki HASHIMOTO after the qulifying crashed on pommel horse and surprisingly abandoned his final after the second apparatus and OU Yushan added the fourth gold medal in the women's event after a fellow Japanese competitor also dropped out
 CHINA in front of JAPAN and the Republic of KOREA was the medals ranking of the men's team decision, and the same ranking one day later in the women's team final.
(- see below) .

31st "World University Games" 2023     - Chengdu / China
       ♦♦  MEN's ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS    (August 01/02)

♦  Already in the first group of the 1st day of competition, two USA athletes, Frederick RICHARD (82.999) and Joshua KARNES (80.798), had placed themselves at the top of the all-around and, with their team (246.361), also clearly lead the country ranking in the men's event ahead of Turkey (241.894) and Spain (236.093) on Day 1.
European Champion Asil ADEM /TUR (81.698) and Spain's Nicolau MIR ROSELLO (80.931) came in between.

After the second day of the men's competition, C H I N A secured team gold with a 2-point lead over J A P A N, who had to settle for silver with Olympic champion Daiki HASHIMOTO as the best qualifier (88.698 !). This high-class duel gives an idea of the performance potentials that will meet in two months' time at the World Championships in Antwerp when the Olympic tickets are at stake ...!

Chinese men's winner team!

Bronze went to KOREA with a considerable gap (- 12.12.537 points!), who just managed to stay on the podium ahead of the USA, Kazakhstan and Taiwan. Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and Spain followed in 7th - 10th place. The German squad came 12th behind Ukraine, followed by Austria.
  R E S U L T S:
  C H I N A  - 262,594
  J A P A N  - 260,562
  K O R E A - 247,827
    Detailed Results
 Here you have the possibility via Video on demand (recording) to watch the two last subdivisions of the men's event from 02 August:

     Subdivision 3, with winner team CHINA + KAZ, UZB, SUI & AUT
     Subdiv. 4 - the decision with JAPAN & KOREA + KOR, TPE, ITA, AUS, GER

* * *
* 04. August 2023
EINZELMEHRKAMPF--: ... Japan and China dominate here as well.
* After the men's all-around preliminaries (see below), the men's all-around final is under the impression of the leading Japanese Olympic champion Daiki HASHIMOTO and the Chinese top gymnasts chasing him closely. However, after a weak start on the floor and a heavy fall during a handstand dismount on the horse, the favourite was eliminated from the competition, hitting his head against the apparatus base and then stopping his competition ...!
So Japan's hopes for victory were now on Kazuma KAYA, but China's former World Champion of 2021 and World Vice Champion of Liverpool (2022), ZHANG Boheng impressed so much with 5 consecutive best scores on floor, horse, rings, vault and parallel bars, that his victory could not be taken away even after a "safety routine" on high bar (12.900) ...!
With the most difficult routine (D=6.2) and the highest score of the day on high bar SHI Cong secured the Chinese double victory with 86.398 points and relegated Japan's Kazuma KAYA to bronze place with a clear margin (84.098).
The Swiss final duo was impressively led by Samir SERHANI, who after a weak vault performance but a strong high bar performance and in the end with 80.630 points still managed to stay among the top ten (10th), closely followed by compatriot Ian Michael RAUBAL, who also exceeded the 80's points mark: 12th =80.131!!!
Germany's youngster Alexander KUNZ from TSV Pfuhl did well, scoring 76.898 in the all-around and finishing 16th.
  ZHANG Boheng         (CHN) - 86,733
  SHI Cong                   (CHN) - 86,398
  KAYA Kazuma            (JPN) - 84,098
  4. RICHARD, Frederick (USA) - 83,764
       5. KARIMI Milad           (KAZ) - 83,630
       6. KARNES Joshua     (USA) - 82,664
          Detailed Results
* 02-August
* All-around qualification -:
<< Japan's Olympic champion Daiki HASHIMOTO was the outstanding all-around gymnast in the qualification with 88.698 !! points, marking the top apparatus scores on horse (15.033) and high bar (15.266). In individual all-around was followed by the two Chinese gymnasts ZHANG Boheng (87.699) and SHI Cong (85.431) and Japanese compatriot Kazuma KAYA (84.998).
Ian Michael RAUBALL (SUI/ 14th =80.431), Alexander KUNZ (GER/ 18th / =79.598) and Samit SERHANI (SUI/ 21st =78.765) are  also qualified for the 18's all-around final. qualified as the three representatives of the German-speaking European nations.
Men's Individual qualification results    MEN's All-around qualifiers
* Apparatus Finals qualifiers :
   ►  Ind. qualification results by apparatus
- Floor:       1. Kaziki MINAMI                  (JPN) - (6.2) = 14,733
- Pommel: 1. Daiki HASHIMOTO          (JPN) - (6.3) =15,033
- Rings:     1. LAN Xingyu                     (CHN) - (6.4) = 15,300 .
- Vault:       1. Nazar CHEPURNYI (UKR) - (5.6/5.6) =14,699
- P.bars:    1. ZOU Jingyuan                (CHN) - (6.5) =15,866
- H.bar:     1. Daiki HASHIMOTO         (JPN) - (6.7) =15,266
MEN's Apparatus Qualifiers

  + + +

31st "World University Games" 2023                 - Chengdu / China
   ♦♦  WOMEN's ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS  (03.+04. August)

As in the men's competition: CHINA ahead of Japan

Already in the 1st round of the day, host C H I N A had clearly taken the lead in the women's event with 163.029 points. This remained the case until the end of the 3rd round, even against arch-rivals from J A P A N, who were still relatively close with 160.663 points, especially on vault and floor, leaving the Chinese behind and winning silver.  And just like in the men's competition, there was a big gap to the rest of the international competition: With a gap of more than 14 points, bronze went to SPAIN (146.431).
Behind two other Asian teams with Taipeh and Korea, Germany took fifth place (142.697), ahead of Finland and Slovenia, although only these eight complete teams competed in the team competition.
 ♦  R E S U L T S
  C H I N A       - 163,029
  J A P A N       - 160,663
  S P A I N       - 146,431
   > Detailed Results

WOMEN's Event FINALS  (5./6. August)

1. MYATA Shoko               (JPN) - (5.0/4.8) =13,800
2. SAKAGUCHI Ayaka       (JPN) - (5.0/4.4) =13,433
3. PONIZILOVA Dominika (CZE) - (4.4/3.8) =12,866
            Detailed Results

1. DU Siyu                          (CHN) - (5.8) =13,833
2. SCHEDER Sophie           (GER) - (5.3) =13,433
3. LUO Huan                       (CHN) - (6.0) =13,000
          Detailed Results