12. November 2019  
New Haven, USA  
Artistic Gymnastics

Deadly accident in artistic gymnastics

Melanie COLEMAN, a 20-year-old gymnast at Southern Connecticut State University (USA), died on Sunday, November 10, after suffering a serious spinal cord injury during training. On Friday, the Milford, Connecticut, native was training at New Era Gymnastics when she slipped off the uneven bars, according US media. After sustaining the injury, Coleman was taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital, where she died two days later. According to the Daily Mail, it was damage to the spinal cord that led to the gymnast's much too early death.The university confirmed her death in a social media post honoring the late gymnast.
Coleman, who was a nursing student at the school, was named as a Women's Collegiate Gymnastics Association Scholastic All-American this year.Coleman was also an all-state gymnast and the captain of the gymnastics while attending Jonathan Law High School in Milford.