30. July 2018  
Glasgow, GBR  
Artistic Gymnastics

ECh Artistic Gymnastics -for the first time in the multi-sports event of the 1st European Championships

The first 2018 European Championships as  a multi-sports event will involve seven sports and will take place from 02 to 12 August 2018 in the Scottish city of Glasgow (United Kingdom) and in the German capital Berlin (Track and Field). At this time in Glasgow the European Championships in swimming (disciplines swimming, synchronized swimming, diving, open water swimming), cycling (disciplines track bike, road bike, mountain bike, BMX) rowing, triathlon, golf and ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS will be held. In addition, the European Athletics Championships will take place in Berlin from 7 to 12 August. All together around 4,500 athletes will participate in these competitions  ....

♦♦ 40th EUROPEANS of  M E N's
      Artistic Gymnastics 2018

       - Glasgow / GBR;  August 09 - 12

After the 1955 Men's European Championship's premiere in Frankfurt / Main, now the gymnasts in Glasgow have a round 40th anniversary, ignoring the selective and so-called "Individual Championships" method of counting that has been unnecessarily complicated since 2005 by the UEG.
Since 1996, a men's rating has also been introduced in men every two years, omitting the multi-discipline rating.

RUSSIA also leads the men in this team record with 6 wins, won last in 2014 and 2016 in a row, so wants 2018 the hat-trick!
ROMANIA's 2x gold, on the other hand, is already a bit further down (2002, 2004).
FRANCE (1998), GERMANY (2010) and most recently GREAT BRITAIN (2012) have each been continental champions once, while the Russians in Glasgow have had to make their possible hat-trick in front of the highly motivated British hosts, who have given them their last 2x silver medals !
Whether for the ambitious SWISS TEAM after last Bronze in its native Bern (2016) again the medal range is possible, may be doubted after the failure of her stretching virtuoso Pablo Braegger, although the potential of her ambitious newcomer is not to be underestimated.
Germany does compete with "seasoned" strategists such as Marcel Nguyen, Andreas Bretschneider and Andreas Toba. Whether their experience and content is sufficient to withstand the onslaught of younger vintages, one will see, as well as whether and how the debutant Nick Klessing (Junior European Champion at the rings) and Nils Dunkel can further profile in his 2nd European Championship in this sense.
Unfortunately the highest-quality continental title of the all-around champion is missing - is also not advertised for men this year after UEG mode.
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