08. September 2022  
Vienna, Munich  
Artistic Gymnastics

European "Honorary Judges Award" to Austrian female referees

The perceptible quality of artistic gymnastics competitions specially at the highest national and international level depends, of course, first and foremost on the level of performance and the aesthetic presentation ability of the actors. However, equally high demands are placed on the evaluation specialists - the judges - when communicating the results to the outside world. Without their special knowledge and objective evaluation ability, it would not be possible to award any marks!
Therefore it is more than commendable that "European Gymnastics" (EG) recently awards a so-called "Honorary Judges Award".
You can receive this award if you have judged at least in three Olympic cycles at six European Championships. The long-time and meritorious Austrian former coach and judge Johanna GRATT and her daughter and former gymnast Tanja GRATT (photo) have both exceeded this "limit" - and were recently honored during the European Championships in Munich. The honors were given personally by Anca Mihailescu-Grigorias (ROU), President of the EC Technical Committee for Artistic Gymnastics, and her Vice-President Hana Liskarova (CZE).
We sports journalists also join in the congratulations, as we are directly dependent on the persuasiveness and objectivity of the value judgments in transporting them into public perception!
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