08. November 2020  
Tokyo, JPN  
Artistic Gymnastics

FIG-Event: "Friendship & Solidarity"

Since live sporting events were and still are suspended for most of 2020, the FIG gymnastics association F.I.G.organized an invitation competition for a quartet of leading gymnastics nations. Some of the world's best top athletes from China, Russia and the USA met representatives from the Olympic host nation Japan on November 8, 2020.
The competition was headed under the motto "Friendship and Solidarity" and, according to a special mode, was announced exclusively as a team duel:
Team "SOLIDARITY" vs. Team "FRIENDSHIP". There were no special or extra evaluations for individual evaluations. This was the first major international competition in Japan since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

* I N D I V I D U A L:
Even if there were no special awards for individual achievements, a look at the individual ratings is very informative, as some of the top gymnasts from the leading gymnastics nations met at this competition:
* WOMEN's All-around:
1. MELNIKOVA, Angelina (RUS) 56,700
2. ZHANG Jin                  (CHN) - 54,900
3. HATAKEDA, Hitomi        (JPN) - 54,200
4. HATAKEDA, Chiaki       (JPN)  - 53,800
5. ZHOU , Ruivu               (CHN)  - 53,600
6. TERAMOTO, Asuka      (JPN)  - 52,600
* MEN's All-around:
1. NAGORNY, Nikita      (RUS) - 86,600
2. KAYA, Kazuma         (JPN)  - 86,200
3. TANIGAWA, Wataru   (JPN) - 85,300
4. JUDA, Paul              (USA)  - 79,300
     MEN's & WOMEN's results