30. January 2003
Cottbus / Germany
Artistic Gymnastics

The world cup of artistic gymnastics in Cottbus (Germany - one of the world wide best events and traditional competition (from 1973 on), the 'TOURNAMENT of MASTERS', is exposed to danger through financial problems, so the tournament director and former world champion Sylvio KROLL said.
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30. January 2003
Great Britain
Artistic Gymnastics

Romanian national coach Octavian Belu's participation in British Gymnastics' annual Technical Conference last weekend 'raised the standard of the conference described by many as 'fantastic,'' so a British spokesperson told.
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27. January 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

The Gymnastics Federation of Luxemburg announced, that the Hungarian Mr. Laszlo NEMETH is the new national coach for the women's team of Luxemburg.
Nemeth came from Budapest and worked there as a coach from 1983 on.
At last he was trainer of women's team of JDSE Budapest. In history he also coached Robert Gal...

26. January 2003
Berlin / Germany
Artistic Gymnastics

The former double world champion of Lubljana 1970 on beam and vault, ERIKA ZUCHOLD is a remarkable and wellknown artist and sculptor in Germany, now.
This week she opened an exposition and performance in the business building of Berlins housing co-operative NEUES BERLIN. In four floors she presents a lot of work of arts: Pictures, sketches, sculptures designed with many artistic technologies of wood, stone and other materials and a lot of pictures and motives about her active times...

24. January 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

The world-wide wellknown company SPIETH Gymnastic from Esslingen, Germany- long-time online partner of GYMmedia and producer of the vaulting table ERGOJET - is the Official Supplier of the artistic and rhythmic gymnastics events of the World Championships of Students (Universiade) coming August in the Korean city Daegu.
Also SPIETH is the official partner of the world cup Cottbus Tournament of Masters
(March21 - 23).
After than the SPIETH apparatusses will be used at the European Team Championships...