14. February 2020  
Lausanne, SUI  
Artistic Gymnastics

FIG named WCh Ambassadors 2020

Also this year some of the great heroes of international gymnastics will appear as ambassadors for world championships.
That's why the World Gymnastics Federation (FIG) announced names of three legends, "... which illuminate the worlds with their presence and pass on their passion for sport to the next generation!". FIG President Morinari Watanabe: "Heroes have always made history in Gymnastics. Behind the medals, there are countless inspirational stories. By sharing their tales, our 2020 Gymnastics Ambassadors will help build bridges between generations as well as between Gymnastics disciplines."
* Source: f i g

These are:
Donghua LI (SUI) for the 27th ACROBATIC WCh  (Geneva, 29.- 31.May)
Vladislav OSKNER (RUS) & Oana CONSTANTIN (ROU)  
     - for the  16th WCh  AEROBIC (Baku, 14.-16. May)