14. December 2002
Artistic Gymnastics

Winner of the friendly meet between the U16 teams of four European nations was the team of the vice European champion Switzerland (250,65). Host Germany came on second place (246,70), the French team scored on third (243,95) and the team of Great Britain came on fourth (239,6).
Best in all-around were Dennis Mannhardt (51,05) and Roland Haeuptli (50,90) from Switzerland. Third was Yann Rayepin (FRA/50,45). The best British gymnast Adam Cox came on fourth place (49,80).
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14. December 2002
Artistic Gymnastics

At last the European talents of artistic gymnastics met in Vienna at the UWW CUP and in September at the INTERNATIONAL GWG CUP in Cottbus.
Some of them will meet again coming Saturday to a friendly meet in Potsdam, near Berlin:
The teams (U 16) of France, Great Britain, Switzerland and Germany .
It is a competition more between this four countries in a long tradition, to come together every year.
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13. December 2002
Artistic Gymnastics

The German Gymnastics Federation DTB informed, that the Olympic champion of 1936, the member of the golden German women's team, Mrs. Julie Schmitt-Knabel died on Tuesday, December, the 10th at the age of 89 years.

9. December 2002
Artistic Gymnastics

Romania's Oana Petrovschi, the silver medalist on uneven bars at the recent Worlds in Debrecen won the all-around of the 2002 Chunichi Cup held Saturday in Nagoya, Japan and was also the best on uneven bars.
Japan's National champion Hiroyuki Tomita was the best in men's category and also the winner on still rings. The 1999 and 2000 Chunichi cup champion Naoya Tsukahara came on second (aa) but won on hig bar.
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8. December 2002
Zurich / Switzerland
Artistic Gymnastics

The international pair Monica ROSU from Romania and Philippe RIZZO from Australia was the winner of the INTERNATIONAL SWISS CUP, which was held in Zurich, Switzerland.
On second place came the Bulgarian pair with the world champion on rings Jordan Jovtchev and Evgenia Kusnetzova. Third was the Romanians Leonida Florida and European all-around Champion Dan Potra. The favourites from China Sun, Xiaojiao (- with a mistake on bars...) and Huang, Xu scored on fourth place.
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