31. July 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

The International Gymnastics Federation announced yesterday, that the Spanish Olympic champion (vault, 2000 Sydney) Gervasio Deferr will be stripped of his last world silver medal (floor, Debrecen 2002) because of a positiv drug test (marijuana) prior to world championships last autumn.
Deferr was test positive for marijuana at both the Spanish Championships and subsequent French International. The Spanish Sports Council suspended Deferr for three months in the spring of 2003., but now the FIG Disciplinary Commission announced Deferr's three...

31. July 2003
La Louvi?re/Belgium
Artistic Gymnastics

The wellknown Company and Agency DRAGONE from Belgium, which created the opening ceremony for the European Soccer championship 2000 in the Heysel stadium of Brussels and which is a worldwide working company for different shows and events, is looking for talents for interesting projects, where sports meet the magic of theatre....

31. July 2003
Los Angeles/USA
Artistic Gymnastics

Swiss gymnastics arrived allready in Los Angeles, though they are not talking about the Swiss national team, leaving on august 8th for the world championship. The gymnasts they refer to are the best ones from the Swiss club BTV Lucerne, lead by Bruno Nietlispach, choach of the Olympic champion Li Donghua.
Anaheim will be the start of a tour trough California, during which they will meet the best Californien teams, the top fight gym and the Stanford gyms...

28. July 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

The final verification of the women's artistic gymnastics team of the Australian Gymnastics Federation took place this weekend in Canberra, Australia.
Team coach Peggy Liddick has brought in three FIG neutral judges to judge the Australian World Championships Team!
Winner was Allana Slater with a final score of 36,558, followed by Belinda Archer (36,541) and Monette Russo (36,466)...
... the Australien team scored 147,907 points....

26. July 2003
Artistic Gymnastics

Thrilling triple Meet
It was really a an exciting competition in Dresden (Germany) between the men's teams of host Germany, Switzerland and Spain!

To the first time after a very long period a Swiss national team won a meet in (!) Germany, with a score of 222,625 points.
Host Germany came on second place with 221,475 and the Spanish squad was third (221,050).

Raphael Martinez with a score of 55,800 points, followed by Andreas...