04. June 2024  
Cambridge/Ma., USA  
Artistic Gymnastics

German and USA victories at the II. International Seniors GYM TEAM Cup 2024

<< Huge cheers from the USA senior women's team and the German men's team, who, with well over 500 years of age (!) each, had probably also set a national team age records:
♦ Proud winners in the women's event in the historic hall of the Dupont Gymnastics Center were the host nation USA, just ahead of Germany and Japan, followed by the ladies from Great Britain and the surprise team from Ireland.
♦ The 12 gymnasts of the German national senior gymnastics men's team from the 30's to 70's decades of life won the II. International SENIORS GYM TEAM CUP 2024 in Cambridge/Boston ahead of Japan, the USA and Great Britain.

II. International SENIORS GYM TEAM CUP 2024
    - Cambridge/Boston Ma. / USA - 2024, June 02 -

 As a worldwide and cross-generational form of competition for the senses and souls of sports enthusiasts, for lifelong performance and team spirit - ... that's how you could describe this new idea for seniors in modern international artistic gymnastics!
In these modern times of lack of exercise and overeating, “staying on the apparatus for a long time” and striving for regular, everyday and individual age-appropriate performance is the need of the moment.
This is precisely why this form of competition is so popular at the moment:

It all began in 2022 with the first senior men's international competition between Japan and Germany, which team boss and fellow competitor Jens Krüger had initiated, was able to win Japan's gymnastics legend Mitzuo Tsukahara as patron and even managed to persuade the German ambassador in Japan to host an embassy reception for both teams ...!
The Japanese were immediately hooked and proposed a rematch a year later - but with men's and women's teams, please!
So, in the context of the German Seniors' Cup in Einbeck, Lower Saxony, the I. International SENIORS GYM TEAM CUP 2023, which was immediately joined by selected teams from Great Britain and the USA.

The spark was immediate: Nate and Julia SHARPE and their team from the National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs (NAIGC) and the MIT Gymnastics Club, which hosted the event in Cambridge, offered to host the second edition and presented the guests with top conditions and a competition-appropriate atmosphere:
From training facilities, days before the competition, to equipment suitable for competition, to a highly emotional competition: “It couldn't have been done any better,” was the enthusiastic comment from German team boss Jens Krueger,  the initiator of this form of competition
And it was time-consuming enough: in order to create a reasonably objective performance recording and comparisons between the age groups, everyone had to submit their routines with difficulty levels in writing so that the judges could have the chance to record all the scores ... and surprisingly, this worked out well enough!

* "Dream Team" JAPAN with team silver (men) and team bronze (women)

The atmosphere in the magnificent historical ambience of a former military hall of the DUPONT training center was gigantic!
Men and women performed at the same time, and when the women had finished their four apparatus, the German gymnasts formed a powerful crowd behind the pommel horse, cheered on the German men on the floor, ... literally propelled them to a highly acclaimed team victory! “Unbelievable ... to be able to experience something like this ...!" raved the men of creation.
There were also individual starters from other nations, such as Brazil and Canada.

* The British Team represented one of the leading European Gymnastics nation!

And it was even more emotional at the final reception in the restaurant, with the many award ceremonies for the individual age groups and the apparatus and the sounds of the national anthem for senior gymnasts in faraway Massachusetts making some eyes moist with emotion ...!
Who can experience such moving moments in the active middle of their life ...?

A positive outlook:
A 3rd. International SENIOR GYM TEAM CUP is planned for the next "International "German Gymnastics Festival" (TURNFEST) in Leipzig (2025, May 28 - June 1, 2025). And at the request of the world-famous co-initiator, Japan's gymnastics legend Mitzuo TSUKAHARA, the 4th Senior Tournament will then take place in Tokyo again in 2027.
(c) gymmedia / E. W. Herholz
* Thanks to the Cambridge hosts