15. June 2024  
Chemnitz, GER  
Artistic Gymnastics

German gymnast Emma Malewski with bad luck due to injury

Just over a week before the 2nd German Olympic qualifier in Ruesselsheim, the former European champion from Munich on balance beam, Emma Malewski (TuS Chemnitz-Altendorf), announced that she would not be competing! The reason for this is a shoulder injury she sustained over a month ago, which meant she was only able to train to a limited extent. The nineteen-year-old commented on this in the social networks of the American gymnastics magazine as follows: "I will not be competing at the second Olympic Qualifier, nor will I be there. I'm going to step back from the gym for a month to give my body a break and for my mental health. TBH, I feel so bad inside. No one is more disappointed by my situation than I am. I'm in tears when I talk about this. I've been training for this very moment for over seven years, and now it's over.
I will do everything not to fall into a mental hole and work closely with a psychologist. But it will do me good to first gain some distance from gymnastics to start the competition season with a healthy body and mental strength, no later than next year".