05. September 2023  
Stuttgart, GER  
Artistic Gymnastics

Germany's record champion Elisabeth Seitz injured!

According to the German Gymnastics Federation, Germany's record champion Elisabeth SEITZ (29) tore the Achilles tendon of her right foot during floor training in Stuttgart yesterday (Mon, 4 September) after performing a double twist. This means that the 25-time German champion will be absent from the last German World Championships qualification on 9 September in Heidelberg as well as from the highlight of the year, the 43rd Women's Gymnastics World Championships in Antwerp, as one of the most experienced gymnasts worldwide and an almost indispensable pillar for a German team, in order to qualify after the World Championships result among the 12 eligible national teams for the upcoming Olympic Games 2024 in Paris. The German exceptional gymnast had gymnastically reached the top ten of major all-around competitions for the 5th time since 2009 when she came 9th to the 2021 Olympics, which she reached 10 times at the Olympics and at World Championships - a loss that will be very difficult to compensate for!
* Nevertheless, her first comment is "typical Seitz": "I have to let all this sink in. But my journey is far from over. I am very sad that I cannot support my team on the way to the Olympics at the World Championships in Antwerp. But I will do my best to support them from the outside. I am sure they will manage," said the 2022 European champion.