15. February 2023  
Potsdam, GER  
Artistic Gymnastics

International Gymnastics Expert Margot Dietz passed away

Almost 3 months before her 92nd birthday, the former FIG gymnastics expert and international referee Margot DIETZ passed away peacefully in Potsdam yesterday (February 14)! At the side of the former German (GDR) federation coach and later president of the Technical Committee Women's Gymnastics of the World Gymnastics Federation (FIG) Ellen Berger, she did analysis work and worked as an international judge for many years.
Above all, however, she travelled for many years on behalf of the FIG as an expert to numerous countries in the world and gave important development aid in the training of coaches and judges, as well as in the evaluation regulations for women's artistic gymnastics (Code de Pointage), which are constantly being further developed in the Olympic 4-year rhythm.

Margot DIETZ, May 2021, on her 90th birthday, still in a lively mood during a visit of her former Dutch referee colleague Marijke VAN DER TUIN (Olympic Judge 1988, 1992 and 1996.
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Margot Dietz, im konzentrierten Kampfrichtereinsat Anfang der siebziger Jahre
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