03. December 2019  
Swakopmund, NAM  
Artistic Gymnastics

Inventor of the 'Jaeger Sault' trains Africa's Olympic candidate

The somersault of the German All-around and highbar champion of the GDR of 1975, Bernd JAEGER (68) which he created in 1974 at the World Championships in Varna (BUL), also 45 years this flying element is worldwide wellknown as the "Jaeger Sault". With this  "flying element" on the king of the apparatus, the horizontal bar, started the international age of the flight elements on the horizontal bar!
After his active career as a competitive athlete at the former GDR army sports club "ASK Vorwaerts Potsdam", Bernd JÄGER worked as coach and head coach in his former hometown Potsdam, near Berlin. In the 1990's, he worked some years as a national head coach in Finland and led Jani Tanskanen to the goöd medal at the horizontal bar at the Worlds in Lausanne (1997) and in 1998 Jari Mönkkönen in St. Petersburg for runner-up title. But after than the high-ranking expert and former Potsdam head coach in Brandenburg found no use, so he moved to Lower Saxony in 2001 and performed there at the traditional club "United Turnerschaft Rinteln 1848 e.V." as the responsible gymnastics trainer for years a valuable development and young talent. Now a call from Southern Africa, Namibia, led the now 68-year-old expert abroad again:

Africa Support by German gymnastic coaches: Bernd JÄGER (li.) and Jochen BROSCHE (re.) with Norman Marais (NAM).

♦ But also Rhythmic Gymnastics has its place in the Swakopmund Gymnastic Club.

<< Mea-Nina OLIVIER - who represented Namibia last year at the Africa Cup in Cairo and took 18th place there - and her sister D'laine Olivier, are both preparing intensively for the qualification to take part in the next 2020 African Cup ,

This qualifying competition of the FIG juniors will take place in March 2020 in Egypt.
The young gymnasts are accompanied by their mother, who is also president of the Namibian Gymnastic Federation.

All Athlets trains in the Swakopmund Indoor Sport Centre
  The DOME

This impressive multi-purpose arena for sporting and cultural events in Swakopmund, on the Namibian coast, opened on 2014, August 01. The arena was one of only two arenas of its kind in Southern Africa.
→ The DOME will host the Africa Qualification for the Trampoline Gymnastics Olympic Games in May 2020.