19. November 2020  
Halle, Sa./GER  
Artistic Gymnastics

Johanna is still standing on her head at the age of 95

This Friday, the world's oldest active gymnast, Johanna QUAAS, will celebrate her 95th birthday!
Since she was 56 years old - that was 1981 - she had started active gymnastics again, did it in a competitive and permanent manner suitable for senior citizens, was a regular participant of German gymnastics festivals (Turnfest") and won the title of "German senior gymnastics champion" in her age group 11 times in a row in the new millennium.
With these merits she made it into the "Guinness Book of World Records" in 2013 and achieved worldwide popularity in the digital age.
And there she is still in there, although she has been doing without active and competitive gymnastics on the equipment for about 2 years after a torn biceps tendon and a slight knee osteoarthritis.