17. December 2017  
Hanover, GER  
Artistic Gymnastics

Kazakh team win at the IVth ZAG Junior Cup 2017

That's  a big thing, when you come home from your first international competition tour with a team cup:
The young talents from Kazakhstan proudly present him at the IV International ZAG Junior Cup 2017 on the pre-Christmas weekend in Vinhorst, Lower Saxony, near Hanover.
Although the lead of the physically rather petite quartet to the second placed TZ Bochum-Witten 2 (from Germany) with +0.50 points was only minimal, one sensed the targeted team selection and their already qualitatively appealing technical basics with the winning team.
Third place in this first-time team competition was Italy's young gymnasts of the team "Ginasica Romana" - also just barely back, but the host team of TuS Vinhorst with 10 points difference pretty much on the fourth rank in such an international competition, even before the Turn Club Kiel (GER), and the with at least of altogether 14 junior teams from 7 countries.

Imposing ambience of the 4th International ZAG Junior Cup 2017
- photos from www.sportfotos-berlin.de

Here in the Age group 14-15 the representatives of the German  team Witten-Stockum cheered about the victory of their Jendrik Lange (68.95) - who impressed on the floor not only with pronounced basic elements - but his strong competitor from Italy, clearly defeating Federico Galdi in the all-around and also his compatriot Andrea Caruso (photo, left) could refer to third place.
Overall, the Italian offspring made an excellent business card of his junior efforts!
* Results:
Age Group 14-15;

The boys from South Africa made the furthest journey!

In the AGE GROUP 11 and younger  - as already mentioned - the guests of the youngest determined the scenery:
Nurdan Idrissov from Kazakhstan, turned to the top of an impressive 30'er-starting field and pointed with 67.60 points Jarne Nagel from Germany (65.65; Hausbr.-Neugr.-Turnerschaft) in second place, followed by Florian Krahn (TZ Bochum-Witten (65.00)
AG 11 and younger


... by the way:
The team coach from Szczecin, Poland, was also Poland's ex international and 2012 Olympian, Roman Kulesza, (34), who was in charge of the Polish newcomer team together with his wife Marta Pihan-Kulesza (as a physiotherapist) and her young daughter (6 months). In a personal conversation it was surprisingly to hear that both he, as well as his wife Martha plan to prepare for participation in the European Championships 2019 in in their home city!
Prominent spectator at the ZAG Cup were, among others, the Olympic silver medalist of 2008, the long-standing international specialist on parallel bar, Anton Fokin (35) from Uzbekistan, who was also for a long time with the German team champion KTV Straubenhardt in use and now he takes cares for the young gymnasts, there as a coach !