16. April 2024  
Artistic Gymnastics

MONACO: Numismatic tribute - 100 years of women's sport

Women at the Olympic Games?
"Impractical, uninteresting, clumsy and, I have no hesitation in adding, inappropriate" was the opinion of Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic Games. The role of women at the Games, the French baron wrote in 1912, was primarily to "crown the winners".
Nine years later, in 2021, Monte Carlo hosted its first "Women's Olympic Games" and women's sport in Monaco established itself independently from 1924.
<< To mark the occasion, the small country dedicated a numismatic issue at the beginning of April 2024 to the anniversary of "100 years of women's sport", when the women's section of Monaco Sports separated in 1924 and founded itself independently as "Femina Sports de Monaco".