12. December 2018  
Hanover, GER  
Artistic Gymnastics

PREVIEW: 5th International ZAG-Junior-Cup 2018

It's amazing that the International ZAG Junior Cup has firmly established itself in the international competition calendar after only half a decade!
The 5th edition will take place again in Hanover-Vinhorst on December 15, which is once again proving popular with the growing importance of high-quality young talents in committed artistic gymnastics. In the environment of the traditional German club Turnklubb Hannover and the aspiring second national division of the German Bundesliga, TuS Vinnhorst, this international highlight is again supported by the regional main sponsor, the personnel service provider "ZAG Personal & Perspektiven" - who offers this attractive multi-tasking tournament for the committed male gymnastic talents in the three age groups effectively supports and makes possible for the 15 to 16-year-old young people, as well as the 13/14 year-olds and up to 12-year-old youngest pupils since 2014 ...

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