14. October 2020  
Vinnhorst, GER  
Artistic Gymnastics

*PREVIEW: 7th International ZAG-Junior-Cup 2020

TuS Vinnhorst sets signs of Motivation:

After Lower Saxony's artistic gymnasts from TuS Vinnhorst have laid a successful track for young gymnasts with the "International ZAG Junior Cup" in recent years, they absolutely want its continuation, even in this compliceted pandemic year: Despite the ongoing problems caused by Corona, the German hosts from the Club TuS Vinnhorst has now established itself in agreement with the regional gymnastics federation (NTB), it was decided to hold this international competition again this year! Thanks to the support of the business partners "ZAG" and "HanseCom", the organization is also financially secure. With this decision, TuS Vinnhorst would like to set a motivation for gymnasts and coaches.
This 7th edition of the "International ZAG Junior Cup" will be (!) - with currently permissible corona conditions and a coherent hygiene concept - on 21./22. November 2020, even if it will be difficult, especially for the potential foreign participants, to firmly plan their participation.

... the final touches are currently underway on the new hall of TuS Vinnhorst.
... once again powered by ZAG Zeitarbeitsfirma


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