14. March 2021  
Penza, RUS  
Artistic Gymnastics

Russian Women's Artistic National Championships 2021

* The ranking of the Russian artistic gymnastics all-around championships for women was headed by three championship debutants after the first qualifying round:
The 3-time junior world champion (Györ 2019), Victoria LISTUNOVA (57.566), ahead of Vladislav URASOVA (56.299), followed by Yana Worona (55,199), also from the golden Russian Junior Worlds team. In the all-around final Victoria LISTUNOVA just got the upper hand and became Russian champion, although Vladislava URASOVA was able to shorten the gap with 57.365 points and was runner-up again, as in the previous year. But in the fight for third place, Jana Worona fell back to 6th place due to a weak floor exercise and the two-time ex-champion (2016, 2018), Angelina MELNIKOVA, (56.064) fought her way forward and still took bronze.
Angelina Melnikova also played out her great competition experience in the apparatus finals and became national champion on vault and on floor exercises. The uneven bar title went to Vladislava Urasova with the highest final score of 15,000, while the all-around winner Victoria Listunova won the bar, but was on the podium three times as runner-up!
A total of 60 gymnasts competed in a full four-way fight. The all-around final contested 24 athletes.
The best team was the Moscow representation in front of the team from the southern region and the team from the Volga region.

* Youtube (0098)