03. May 2020  
Indianapolis, USA  
Artistic Gymnastics

USA Gymnastics suspends coach Haney for eight years

USA Gymnastics has suspended former US Olympic team coach Maggie HANEY (42) for eight years for verbally and emotionally abusing gymnasts she oversaw, the US Media reported this week. Haney, once one of the country’s most prominent gymnastics coaches, was found by a USA Gymnastics hearing panel to have failed to “to provide a safe, positive and healthy environment with a culture of trust and empowerment.” 
She was also found to have “engaged in severe aggressive behavior toward a minor that included teasing and ridiculing that was intended to control and diminish another person.” Under the penalty, Haney will reportedly be unable to coach with USA Gymnastics for eight years, will be banned from all USA Gymnastics events and will not be allowed to contact any of her accusers. If reinstated after eight years, she will be placed on two years probation.
It’s not surprising USA Gymnastics would come down hard on a coach over abuse allegations given the aftermath of the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal that shook the organization to its core. Haney is reportedly expected to appeal the decision.
* source: different US media