04. January 2020  
Artistic Gymnastics

What is Svetlana Khorkina doing today ..?

Within a decade, between 1994 and 2004, Svetlana Wassilyevna KHORKINA became a legend of modern artistic gymnastics, even more: The two-time Olympic gold medalist (1996; 2000), who, due to the unfortunate chain of circumstances in Sydney, missed her all-around gold, which everyone expected, was 2003 in Anaheim (USA) the first female gymnast in the world to become the all-around world champion ttle for the third time. In addition to her two Olympic victories on the uneven bars, as a 5-time world champion, she opened up completely new perspectives on the technical presentation of even the most difficult exercises. Like no other, the tall, slim and charismatic Russian diva was able to create emotions for a gymnast and thus paved the way for modern women's gymnastics into the 21st century.
After the end of her sporting career (2004), after Svetlana Khorkina won her 11th European individual title (uneven bars) at the European Championships in Amsterdam, she worked as Vice-President of the Russian Gymnastics Federation and until 2008 she was also a member of the athletics commission of the World Gymnastics Federation (FIG).
Two years after the birth of her son (2005), she went into politics, ran for the party "United Russia" in the Russian parliamentary elections, where, as a Duma member, she was particularly committed to the interests of young people ...