30. October 2006  
Genf / Schweiz  
Artistic Gymnastics

125 years International Gymnastics Federation F.I.G.

On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the International Gymnastics Federation F.I.G. took place various events last weekend in Geneva and also takes place a photo exhibition in the Olympic museum in Lausanne, an exhibition of gymnastics equipment as well as a congress. Today evening will be held another highlight with the “F.I.G.- Gala”.

Many representatives of national federations, various international organisations and stars of the history of gymnastics have come to Geneva....

125 years F.I.G. - 110 years Olympic Family
Celebrations this weekend in Geneva

Artistic gymnastics – has its’ origins in Germany;

the beginning of international gymnastics took place in EUROPE

- In 1903 for the first time a tournament with the four countries France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands took place in Antwerp. Until 1930 further eight tournaments followed, who after the events took place were classified as World Championships.
- The "FEG" officially took part in Olympic Games for the first time in London 1908.
- On April 7th 1921 the until then European federation had 16 member federations and changed its’ name to Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique" (F.I.G.).
- 1930 the F.I.G. already had 22 member federations.
- Led by the F.I.G., in 1963 in Budapest took place the 1st World Championships of “modern gymnastics" which named as rhythmic gymnastics became an Olympic discipline in 1981 and for the first time was part of the Olym

World stars of international gymnastics as guests in Geneva

- Since 2004 the F.I.G. has 129 member federations.
In Antalya (TUR) Bruno GRANDI was re-elected for his third period of office.
- In 2005 Norbert BUECHE (SUI) handed over the position of F.I.G.- general secretary after 17 years to André Gueisbuhler (SUI).
- In 1991 the F.I.G. had moved from Lyss to Moutier and now in 2006 Neuchatel is becoming the new location of the F.I.G.- headquarters where currently are working 20 employees.