13. March 2009  
Bryansk, Russia  
Artistic Gymnastics

2009 Russian Championships

Russian Nationals 2009 finished Friday with the event finals in Bryansk.
The 2007 world champion (Stuttgart) on uneven bars, Ksenia Semenova (< photo, left), won the title on his special apparatus but also on floor exercises.
New Russian Champion on vault and balance beam are the both gymnasts from Moscow Yulia Berger and Aliya Mustafina. togehther with Ksenia Afanassyeva

Six gymnasts took titles in the men's events:
All-around champion Yuri Ryazanov won the floor exercise gold and silver medals on still rings and high bar.
Three-time Olympian Nikolai Kryukov (30), won parallel bars.
Other winners were Andrei Perevoznikov (pommel horse), Konstantin Pluzhnikov (still rings), Denis Ablyazin (vault) and Sergei Khorokhordin (high bar) ...
* Men's Vault
1. Denis Ablyazin (Privolzhsky) 15.825
2. Anton Golotsutskov (Siberia) 15.737
3. Anton Lobatshev (Ural) 15.625

* Parallel Bars
1. Nikolai Kryukov (Central) 15.475
2. Maxim Devyatovsky (Siberia) 14.800
3. Nikita Ignatyev (Siberia) 14.550

* High Bar
1. Sergei Khorokhordin (Central) 15.250
2. Yuri Ryazanov (Central) 15.075
3. Maxim Devyatovsky (Siberia) 14.600