23. October 2005  
Stuttgart / GERMANY  
Artistic Gymnastics

23rd DTB-Cup: Second day of finals

During the 23rd DTB-Cup - Worldcup - in Stuttgart, the Russian Nikolai Krjukov achieved the first rank of the pommel horse final, after top runner Marius Urzica (ROM) had dropped out in the qualification already.
Lais Souza (BRA) won the women's vault final.
There were two champions in the high bar final: After the spectators' reclamations, Aljaz Pegan's (SLO) score was upvalued, so that he achieved the same position as Vlasios Maras from Greece.

Front-runner and threefold Olympic Champion Catalina Ponor from Romania won the beam final. ....
Brandon O'Neill from Canada won the floor final in the end.

Nikolai Krjukov (RUS): '...I'm very satisfied!'

Ioan Suciu with excellent elements on one pommel before the end of his exercise.
Victor Cano showed very attractive straddles across and the youngest of the field Lousi Smith from Great Britain presented all versions across, partly done with vigor in the end, however.

Lais Souza (BRA): - Brazil, best nation in women's category!

Aljaz Pegan (SLO) explained Krukov: 'I was shure, it was a clearly 10 start value!'

Twofold World Champion (2001/ 02) and winner of the qualification Vlasios Maras presented an excellent performance , including a Kovacs with one turn and a lot of elegantly performed turns, which made the high score of 9,750 justified.
The Chinese Zhou, Kai foozled with the Def and had to leave the apparatus.
Valeri Goncharov was unlucky, too, he fell during his Kovacs with a turn.
Robert Juckel , who had been the German hope after the dropping- out of Fabian Hambüchen, did the ducked Markelow well, but had to accept deductions due to his open legs during the Stalder-revulsions and in the end (double Tsukahara straight with a big lunge).
After some discussions, Pegan's score was upvalued and was then equal with the one of champion Maras - hence there were two champions in the high bar final of the DTB-Cup 2005.

Catalina Ponor (ROM) - first mobile phone contacts with home after the competition!

The Chinese's ranking on the second position led to amazement - in front of vice European Champion on this apparatus und allround European Champion Marine Debauve (FRA), who convinced with the longest exercise with many difficult elements and still only achieved the third rank.
Both gymnasts from the Ukraine had to leave the apparatus and the Australian Monette Russo had to leave the beam involuntarily after a long row.

All results of the women's finals
German World Championships-team for Melbourne is ready
Kim Bui won her ticket to the World ChShips with her performance at the uneven bars during the DTB-Cup. Junior Marcel Nguyen qualified for the World ChShips in Melbourne at the end of November as well. Chief coach Andreas Hirsch had designated him for the national tournament in Colorado Springs (USA) after the injury of Christian Berczes and Nguyen convinced the jury above all with his performance at the parallel bars.
Parts of the DTB team are furthermore Daria Bijak (TT Köln) and Kim Bui (TSG Tübingen) and of the men Thomas Andergassen (MTV Stuttgart), Robert Juckel (SC Cottbus), Eugen Spiridonov (TV Bous) and Marcel Nguyen (TSV Unterhaching), Matthias Fahrig (SV Halle) and Fabian Hambüchen (TSG Nidergirmes).

Translation: Janka Schmeißer