04. August 2006  
Surat, India  
Artistic Gymnastics

3rd Asian Gymnastics Championships

'Ashish Kumar does India proud'
With this headline the Indian press celebrates the first ever Indian medal at the Asian level when the gymnast Ashish Kumar clinched the bronze in the floor exercises in the 3rd Asian Gymnastics Championships 2006 at the Indoor Stadium of Surat (IND).
The 16-year-old Ashish scored 15.000 points to match Syria's Bahlawan Fadi as the capacity crowd erupted into loud cheers to celebrate India's success.....

Men's All-Around
1. Chen Yibing CHN 92.450
2. Tomoharu Sano JPN 91.400
3. Hiroaki Kusu JPN 90.350

4. Liang Fuliang CHN 89.950
5. Yoo Won Chul KOR 89.050
6. Jo Jong Chol PRK 87.900

Chen, Yibing made sure there was no challenge to his domain as the World Cup rings champion won his favourite event after having taken honours in all-around apparatus on Tuesday. Yibing, however, found the going tough as his score of 16.150 was just about threatened by Hong Kong's Zhong Jian (16.100).

Men's results:
Floor exercise: 1. Kai Zou (CHN) 15.500 and Ri Jong Song (PRK) 15.500, 3. Ashish Kumar (IND) 15.000 and Bahlawan Fadi (SYR) 15.000.
Pommel horse: 1. Lin Hsiang-Wei (TPE) 15.225, 2. Huang Che-Kuei (TPE) 15.075, 3. Kim Ji Hoon (KOR) 15.000.
Still rings: 1. Chen Yibing (CHN) 16.150, 2. Zhong Jian (HKG) 16.100, 3. Weng Shin-Hang (TPE) 15.350
Vault: 1. Ri Jong Song (PRK) 16.363, 2. Ei Segwang (PRK) 16.313, 3. Sain Autalipov (KAZ) 16.188.
Parallel bars: 1. Sano Tomoharu (JPN) 15.850, 2. Zhen Dong Dong (CHN) 15.725, 3. Yoo Won Chul (KOR) 15.400.
High bar: 1. Kai Zou (CHN) 15.775, 2. Ryuta Nakazato (JPN) 15.325, 3. Sano Tomoharu (JPN) 15.150.
History of Asian Gymnastics Championships.
The 'Asian Gymnastics Union' (AGU) startet with its first Asian event for juniors only in Tokyo 1971.