02. November 2004  
Macau / China  
Artistic Gymnastics

4th East Asian Games 2005 concluded

The colossus might of China in gymnastics was on show again in Macau yesterday as they finished one-two in both men's and women's all-round finals of the EAST ASIAN GAMES 2005.
Zhang Nan and Fan Ye swept the women's event with 37.974 and 34.949 points,
while Feng Jing, the 2001 all-around world champion and Lu Bo dominated the men's show with 57.611 and 56.886 points...

<< Chinese Cloverleaf:
ZHANG, Nan; FAN, Ye and FENG, Jing; LU, Bo

ZHANG, Nan (CHN), ...but no medals at event finals!

The experienced Chinese girls had to overcome a slow start in Macao as they were placed third, fourth and the sixth at the first rotation. Fan, Ye the beam gold medallist at the World Championships 2003 and the National Games, broke ground to take the lead after jumping off the uneven bar.
Zhang, Nan - the all-around bronze medallist from Anaheim 2003 - then raced to the top of the 18-player standings with excellent performances on the bars, before giving a flawless floor show that earned the 47th gold for China.
Oshima Kyoko (JPN) took the bronze and another Chinese, Pang Panpan, had to settle for the fourth place because of a modest uneven bar performance in the second rotation.
Source: China Daily .
4th East Asian Games
Macau / CHN, Nov. 2 -

Women's Vault
1. Kang Yun Mi PRK 9.306
2. Cheng Fei CHN 9.256
3. Hong Su Jong PRK 9.200
4. Bae Muleum KOR 9.137
5. Ishizaka Manami JPN 9.068
6. Wu Lingyi TPE 9.037
7. Uemura Miki JPN 9.006
8. Kim Hyobin KOR 8.737

Uneven Bars
1. Li Ya CHN 9.725
2. Hong Su Jong PRK 9.687
3. Kuroda Mayu JPN 9.662
3. Han Jong Ok PRK 9.662
5. Uemura Miki JPN 9.525
6. Zhang Yufei CHN 9.037
7. Kang Jina KOR 8.987
8. Yeo Soo Jung KOR 8.637

Balance Beam
1. Fan Ye CHN 9.737
2. Ri Hae Yon PRK 9.525
3. Kuroda Mayu JPN 9.350
4. Zhang Nan CHN 9.000
5. Kim Un Jong PRK 8.912
6. Baek Hwaseung KOR 8.887
7. Sahara Ayaka JPN 8.200
8. Kim Hyo Bin KOR 7.950

Women's Floor Exercise
1. Cheng Fei CHN 9.712
2. Pang Panpan CHN 9.362
3. Ishizaka Manami JPN 8.987
3. Oshima Kyoko JPN 8.987
5. Bae Muleum KOR 8.950
6. Hong Su Jong PRK 8.800
7. Chen Chun Min TPE 8.525
8. Kim Un Jong PRK 8.200