27. March 2006  
Kiev / Ukraine  
Artistic Gymnastics


On March 25, 2006, Mr. Francis M. O’Donnell, Resident Coordinator of the United Nations system in Ukraine and UNDP Resident Representative participated in the grand opening ceremony of the international gymnastics championship “Stella Zakharova Cup 2006”.

The sport event took place on March 25-26, 2006 at the Palace of Sport in Kiev.
The “Stella Zakharova Cup” was held under the auspices of the United Nations Office in Ukraine and was devoted to the 20th Commemoration Anniversary of Chornobyl Catastrophe....

Stella Sakharova Cup 2006
- Press Conference

Mr. Markiyan Lubkivskyi , Advisor to President of Ukraine – Head of the Main Service for Humanitarian Policy of the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine; Mr. Volodymyr Gryshko, Advisor to President of Ukraine, Deputy Head of the Main Service for Humanitarian Policy of the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine.
The Organization of the United Nations actively supports the processes of recovery and development of the Chornobyl affected territories and advocates healthy life style among the population living in Chornobyl affected areas. This rhythmic gymnastics competition is aimed at attracting public attention to the Chornobyl related issues and at promoting healthy life style through sport in Chornobyl affected territories.
Since 2002, the “Stella Zakharova Cup” has been one of the most significant events in the sport life of Ukraine. The Cup was established with a purpose of popularization of rhythmic gymnastics both in Ukraine and abroad. About 100 gymnasts from 13 countries took part inSports Palace of Kiev. Famous singers, actors and dancers, sport and circus teams participated at the opening and closing ceremonies of the “Stella Zakharova Cup”.
The competition...
While the host Ukrainians won the women's team title, the Asian gymnasts dominated. China's Zhang Xing won the women's all-around and beam titles. In the men's competition, Liu Diung led China to the team title and won the all-around.
Japan's Kouji Yamamuro won pommel horse and vault, and Japan's Tomoharu Sano won parallel bars. STELLA SAKHAROVA CUP 2006
Kiev, Spoirts Palace, March 25-26 -

Team Competition WOMEN
1. Ukraine 1 173.400
2. China 172.700
3. Ukraine 2 169.650
4. Czech Republic 158.650
5. Hungary 155.850
6. Croatia 151.350
7. Belarus 150.000

All-Around, WOMEN
1. Zhang Xing CHN 57.300
2. Anastasia Koval UKR2 57.150
3. Marina Kostyuchenko UKR1 57.100

4. Olga Kozich UKR 56.950
5. Marina Sergiyenko UKR1 56.850
5. Olga Scherbatykh UKR1 56.850
7. Hu Yuhong CHN 56.650
8. Alina Kozich UKR2 56.500
9. Krystina Palesova CZE 56.450
9. Jiang Yuyuan CHN 56.450
11. Gaelle Mys BEL 55.700
12. Dorina Boszogo HUN 55.100
- best 12 from 46 gymnasts)

Women's Vault
1. Valeria Maksyuta UKR 14.250
2. Marina Sergiyenko UKR 14.175
3. Ying Deng CHN 13.475
3. Dorina Boszogo HUN 13.475

Uneven Bars
1. Krystina Palesova CZE 15.250
2. Hu Yuhong CHN 15.200
3. Anastasia Koval UKR 15.100
Balance Beam
1. Zhang Xing CHN 15.800
2. Marina Sergiyenko UKR 14.950
3. Hu Yuhong CHN 14.750

Women's Floor Exercise
1. Olga Scherbatykh UKR 14.900
2. Zhang Xing CHN 14.800
3. Marina Kostyuchenko UKR 14.600