06. November 2012  
Tokyo, Japan  
Artistic Gymnastics


From November 3 to 5 the 66th AG All Japan Competition 2012 was held in Tokyo. The Gold medal for team competition were won by the Juntendo University. with a team score of 271,950. A member of this team was Ryohei Kato.
Team KONAMI got the silver medals, scoring 270,800 points. It was the team of the Olympic gold medallist and three-times world all-around champion, Kohei Uchimura.
Kohei Uchimura (KONAMI) said: "That was the first time I took part in this team event. It was terrible, it was not my day and I especially regret my mistake on the high bar!"
And Ryohei Kato (Juntendo University) said: "I'm sorry, actually Kohei is my strongest rival, more than any other gymnast. Of course, I am happy with the gold medal, but I'm also sorry for Kohei - today was just in a bad state... !"

Winning Men's Team: Juntendo University

(c) Kensuke NAKAJIMA

Kato, Uchimura