08. December 2002  
Zurich / Switzerland  
Artistic Gymnastics

Australia/Romania won SWISS CUP

The international pair Monica ROSU from Romania and Philippe RIZZO from Australia was the winner of the INTERNATIONAL SWISS CUP, which was held in Zurich, Switzerland.
On second place came the Bulgarian pair with the world champion on rings Jordan Jovtchev and Evgenia Kusnetzova. Third was the Romanians Leonida Florida and European all-around Champion Dan Potra. The favourites from China Sun, Xiaojiao (- with a mistake on bars...) and Huang, Xu scored on fourth place.
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Main sponsor WINTERTHUR, the spectators and the VIPs of the SWISS CUP give all together 12,200,- CHF (~ 8,328,- EURO) to help the family of the Olympic champion Oksana Chusovitina, who scored on fifth place, together with Roman Schweizer (SUI).
'GYMnastics for Alisher'!!
The international solidarity of the big gymnastics family lives!!

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