26. August 2011  
Onesti, Rumänien  
Artistic Gymnastics

Beam World Champion Ana Porgras with her third Romanian All-around Title

At the same time like the  German Nationals  the 2011 Romanian Championships of artistic gymnastics take place in the "Nadia Comanesi Hall" of Onesti (ROU).

On Friday the first title in all-around went to the world champion on beam, to Ana PORGRAS, scoring 58,650 points, followed by Amelia RACEA (58,250) and Raluca HAIDU (57,625).

The competition continues Saturday with the men's team and all-around.
World champion Marian Dragulescu is set to make his 2011 competitive debut.

PORGRAS: highest score on beam - 15,825 (C) ROU Fed.

Once again showing her trademark consistency, 2004 Olympic champion Catalina PONOR) notched 15.775 (6.4) for a near-perfect beam routine (ro two-foot layout; double turn; Onodi, ff whip; switch leap, Kochetkova; front aerial, ff layout stepout; double pike).

Ponor, who began training again with the national team in April, also had the third-best score on floor exercise (two whips to tucked full-in; triple twist; double pike).