16. November 2009  
Kienbaum/Berlin, Germany  
Artistic Gymnastics

British Training Camp Disability Gymnastics in Germany successfully finished ....

The third International training camp of the British gymnastics federation, after South Africa and Gran Canaria (2008) , which took place during the last weeks for the first time in Germany on the grounds of the Bundesleistungszentrums Kienbaum, finished successfully and highly rated, on the weekend.  Also the DOSB-vice-president Eberhard GIENGER got an idea of the level of development of the British, as also the new consultant for apparatus and trampoline gymnastics of the German gymnastics federation, Ann-Katrin KNITTEL, who was intensively involved with the structures and possibilities on site, and is working on offering, also in Germany, ambitious training and apparatus for the three olympics disciplines. This seminar, which was initiated by the ex-gymnast Ronny Ziesmer as the patron and supported by his partners, the Daimler Corporation , will surely find supporters and followers...

The Vice President of the 'German Olympic Sports Federation' (DOSB), Eberhard Gienger, among the participants of rhythmic gymnastics from Irland, Norway and Great Britain

From Norway came Katelyn Garbin, Mathilde Falch and Kristin Augdahl - all of them enthused by rhythmic gymnastics

which do not leave space for feeling sorry for particular impairments...!
For achievement orientated gymnasts, the Brits even have a national trainer!
<< Kay GALTER (left) is in this position since 8 years and explains the structure and the ideao to Eberhard Gienger, how ambitious options can heighten the self-confidence of young girls. Therefore particularly rhythmic gymnastics offers the best possibilities.

Gracefull was also the tighlty organised warm up programme of the gymnasts. Here, where otherwise the seminars of the German National team take place, the Dutch acted in the foregroundBo Dominicus from Tilburg as displaying gymnast.
Bo is in standard 7, was born deaf and must be the only gymnast, with such a handicap, to perform on all four Olympics apparati !

The ex-high-bar world champion Eberhard Gienger let Bo Dominicus' home trainer Ester LEON (left) expalin, which specifications have to be considered during training.  "If one wants to bring the system of the British to Germany, then one has to really test, which structural and logistic things belong to the environment and also to the taking over of responsibility, and where one wants to go with such new, athletic contents," - said the contemplative "sports politician" Gienger!

Ann-Katrin Knittel (DTB),
Hazel Coates (British Gymnastics)

... to open the way for gymnastics - also for German children and youth - despite physical or psychological handicaps !
We are standing in front of a great challenge in this field, which surely will not be achievable from one day to the next, first we need trainers in particular areas, which have to be especially sensitized and trained.
The Brits have showed me, however that above all, one cannot be afraid, to set oneself these new tasks, because at the end of the day, there are few differences in actual training : It is not about a person being handicapped, but about showing this person, which forms of possible movement this person has!
I think it is still a little early, to think about a competition or championship system. First of all it is important to make aware in cooperation with the German disability federation, that also handicapped have the chance to do gymnastics! Foremost my goal is to follow through a special day in schoold for the handicapped or a holiday camp as well as sensitizing trainers, to deal with this field and to get specific training for this.
I think in cooperation with the Brits and through their offer to help us with our aims, a further training for trainers with a following training camp is definitely possible!
... and who knows, maybe we will also manage to build up our own competition system some day and to offer the Brits competition... they would surely be happy about competition, as Hazel Coates has mentioned!"

Eberhard Gienger (58) with his tie flying in the air - on the high-bar in Kienbaum - amazed Brits!