29. March 2003  
Artistic Gymnastics

Cirque du Soleil: An Audition in Berlin

Cirque du Soleil’s Casting team is seeking PERFORMERS in such fields as gymnastics, trampoline, sports acrobatics, circus arts, dance, singing and acting, all with excellent technique, versatility, the ability to improvise and good stage presence. Proud to recruit German talent, Cirque du Soleil will be holding auditions in BERLIN, in MAY 2003. GYMmedia will publish the exactly date as soon as possible.
In December 2000 a very successful casting took place in the German capital in the Gymnastics Hall of the Berlin's Gymnastics Federation, where the former Hungarian topstar Zoltan Supola started his new carreer as an artist.
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For our eight ongoing productions and two upcoming ventures in 2003 and 2004, we are seeking:

> ACROBATS with experience in circus arts
> ATHLETES with skills in gymnastics, trampoline, sports acrobatics and tumbling
> High-calibre DANCERS with a background in all styles of dance, including ethnic
> PHYSICAL ACTORS AND CHARACTERS with keen creative skills, solid acting training and ample theatre experience
> SINGERS with excellent vocal technique and versatility (world beat, soul, folk, classical, etc.)

Source: Anick Chartier
Marketing Agent − Casting
Cirque du Soleil – International Headquarters, Montreal
(514) 723-7646, extension 7804