28. November 2004  
Stuttgart/ GER  
Artistic Gymnastics

DTB-Cup Stuttgart: 2 victories for Hambüchen

The International DTB-Cup in Stuttgart has ended. On the 2nd finales' day the men presented their finales on floor, parallel bars and high bar and the women competed on beam and vault.
The fist victory of the day went to Mitja Petkovsek from Slovenia who won the parallel bars final which overall took place on a very high level of performance. Alexandra Eremia secured herself the victory in the beam finale with a very difficult routine. The tension in the venue was incredible and the crowd was thrilled during the high-bar finale where Fabian Hambüchen ended up as the winner! He then also reached the 1st position in the floor finale. The victory on vault went to Anna Pavlova (RUS).

Fans celebrating in the venue Schleyer-Halle

Marius Urzica (ROM) with Belle and somersault – 1/1 twist, unfortunately he had to secure the dismount with his hands…;
Fabian Hambüchen (GER) with a very good routine full of variations; Belle, double somersault bw. piked dismount;
Mitja Petkovsek (SLO), a perfect routine!, beautiful and high flight elements over the bars, double somersault piked during the routine, straddled somersault, double somersault bw. piked dismount,

Winners Final
Both Yann Cucherat and Mitja Petkovsek managed to repeat their good performances. In the end the deserved victory went to Slovenia.

The beam victory ceremony with Ezhova and Eremia

Alexandra Eremia (ROM) with a very difficult routine; front aerial – Menicelly – layout stepout bw.; dismount Menicelly – ff – triple twist (of which she didn’t finish the rotation completely);
Lisa Brüggemann (GER) with a solid performance without major mistakes, slight problems during a few elements, with her start value of 9.5 she couldn’t get over the 6th rank in this finale;
Anna Pavlova (RUS) with slight insecurities on a front aerial; a beautiful triple twist dismount;
Suzanne Harmes (NED) was the last competitor in this finale and ended it with a good performance including sidewards somersault and a triple twist dismount;

Winners Final
Eremia and Ezhova with another 2 good routines. Eremia, however, again with slight problems to finish the rotation of her triple twist dismount. In the end the victory narrowly went to Romania.
Report men’s high-bar finale

The mood in the venue was good during the whole weekend but it was even rising during the high-bar finale in which Fabian Hambüchen had good chances on a top position…

Jani Tanskanen (FIN) started with an interesting routine, nice turns and grip variations ;
Takuya Nakase (JAP) prestented a good routine but had to secure his dismount with one large step;
Philippe Rizzo (AUS), Australia’s high-bar specialist tried the difficult Def …and fell;
Alexander Jeltkov (CAN), the elegant gymnast from Canada showed a perfect routine; laoyut Kovacs, giant with jumped 1/1 turn; double-double dismount;
Aljaz Pegan (SLO) with a fireworks of flight elements; 2 times Tkatchev, Gienger and his “Pegan”, dismount triple somersault; the audience is not happy about his score…(SV 9.7/ final score 9.375);

Fabian Hambüchen with a great performance on high-bar

Results women's vault finale

1. Anna Pavlova RUS 9.381
2. Elena Zamolodchikova RUS 9.343
3. Lais Souza BRA 9.218
4. Annamari Maaranen FIN 8.706
5. Lisa Brüggemann GER 8.663
6. Sandra Mayer AUT 8.631

Winners Final
1. Anna Pavlova RUS 9.387
2. Elena Zamolodchikova RUS 9.074

Results men's floor finale

1.Fabian Hambüchen GER 9.625 (SV 9.9)
1. Razvan Selariu ROM 9.625 (SV 10.00)
3. Wajdi Bouallegue TUN 9.587 (SV 10.00)
4. Brandon O'Neill CAN 9.575 (SV 10.00)
5. Ioan Silviu Suciu ROM 9.525 (SV 10.00)
6. David Vyoral CZE 9.475 (SV 10.00)

Winners Final
1. Fabian Hambüchen GER 9.537
2. Razvan Selariu ROM 9.537