21. June 2007  
Stuttgart / Germany  
Artistic Gymnastics

F.I.G. : Drawing of Lots in Stuttgart

At the Stuttgart 'House of Sports' the drawing of lots both for the men and women for the upcoming world championships in artistic gymnastics, which will be held from September 1st to 9th in the Hans-Martin Schleyer-Halle in Stuttgart the 'European Sports Capital'.
These 40th gymnastics world championships have already set a record concerning the number of registrations, with no less than 518 athletes from 84 countries registered!
Olympic and former world champion Valerie Belenki drew the lots at today's event...

House of SpOrts' in Stuttgart, today

Then the German girls will have a long wait, because their strongest competitiors for the coveted 12th place, which is also the qualification for the Olympic games, such as the Netherlands, France, Canada, Great Britain and the USA, as well as the highly motivated Swiss team, won't be performing till the last two heats (9th and 10th) of the next day!

Valerie Belenki from Stuttgart was luckier in his draw for the German men's team
They will be competing on Tuesday, September 4th at 18.30 in the eigth and last heat together with the teams from Spain, Korea and three more so-called mixed groups.

>> Women. Qualifying days: 01. - 02. Sep 2007 (10 heats of four groups each)
>> Men, Qualifying days: 03. - 04.09.2007 (8 heats of 6 groups each),
(including the mixed groups of individual registrants)