02. April 2003  
Artistic Gymnastics

Friendship Classic 2003 in Pottsville

Two Russians were the winners of the traditional 'Friendship Classic 2003' in Pottsville/Pennsylvania, which was held last weekend.
In seniors category Ekaterina Orlova from Russia was the best with a score of 37,525, on second place came her teammate Alexandra Schevtchenko (37,450), followed by Irina Yarotska (UKR) and the Russian Gulnara Ziganshina.

Maria Kryutchkova (RUS) won in the juniors category with 37,200 points. On second place came Grace Taylor (USA/Aiken) with 35,150 points.

Winners of FRIENDSHIP CLASSICS 2003:(v.l.n.r.) Ekaterina Orlova (RUS), Irina Yarotska (UKR), Kyla Hoffman (USA; jun), Grace Taylor (USA; jun), Alexandra Schevchenko (RUS), Maria Kryuchkova (RUS; jun)

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