18. October 2008  
Leverkusen, Germany  
Artistic Gymnastics

* GYMfamily Event:German Victories at LEVERKUSEN-CUP 2008

After 2003 and 2005 a German artistic gymnastics women's selection won the 33rd anniversary of the traditional "LEVERCUSEN CUP" 2008.

In an extremely barely and extensive manner the titleholder from Italy, the team Ginnastica Artistica Lissonese, loose points specially at the uneven bars and so the strong German team, represented by Elisabeth SEITZ, Lisa Kathrin HILL and Nadine JAROSCH, won to the third time in this decade this 2008 team cup.
On third place of the 9 teams, representing 8 different nations, came the Slovenian team of  GD Zelena Jama.

Also in all-around the German gymnasts were on top:
Elisabeth Seitz, followed by Lisa Kathrin Hill and on third came the Belgian Jolien Eggermont.
Best of the second placed Italians was Andrea Foti on fourth in all-around...

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Elisabeth SEITZ at uneven bars: German team 1.30 points better as Italy

Elisabeth Seitz ... and her fans!

This traditional European Event
with a top place in the calendar of international competitions gets more and more friends:

More than 2,000 visitors were the inspired audience in the venue in Leverkusen and saw strong performances on a high level!
*  ...weitere Ergebnisse:

> Detailed All-around Results

> Vault

> Uneven bars

> Balance Beam 

> Floor Exerc.

Chief organizer Dieter Schulz, TC 72' chairman Gabriele Pfeffer: ... see you again in 2009!