08. February 2004  
Artistic Gymnastics

German gymnast Katja Abel seriously injured

The seven-time German national champion and candidate for the Olympic Games Katja Abel got seriously injured last Friday. On an unlucky fall from the uneven bars she broke both of her forearms.
The 22-year old gymnast who has been in good shape and who has aspired to take part in the Olympic Games in Athens underwent surgery already on the same evening in the army hospital of Berlin...
Parallels can be seen with a similar accident which had happened in June 1975 at a training camp of the GDR team. Annelore Zinke tried to do a “Janz” salto – also a move from the low to the high bar – and broke both of her elbows. Journalist Hans-Juergen Zeume remembers that at that point of time the journalists in the GDR were not even allowed to talk about this accident. Annlerore Zinke had been the World champion on uneven bars already the year before in 1974 and after her accident managed to come back into the GDR national team at a competition against Hungary in 1976.
E.Herholz / gymmedia