27. June 2000  
Liverpool / Great Britain  
Artistic Gymnastics

Great Britain and Tweddle successfully

Friendly Meet Great Britain - China
LIVERPOOL'S world-class gymnast Beth Tweddle gave yet another magnificent performance for her country to inspire victory over mighty China at the weekend.
She not only helped Britain win the team championship by 0.700 points on Saturday, but picked up three golds in the individual events yesterday, one of them shared with Olympic finalist Fan Ye, who tied with her on the floor.....

A historical victory: Great Britain beats China!

FAN, Ye, winning on beam and floor

Liverpool's other representative, Melanie Roberts, also did very well, without finishing among the medal winners.
'She was extremely reliable, helped to inspire everybody else and did a first class job with the rest of the team,' coach Amanda Kirby, also from Liverpool, said.
'It was good to see that Beth suffered no ill-effects from the injury she received recently from a fall and now we can go full steam ahead for the British national championships in Guildford in a fortnight's time.'
source: cheshireOnline

Great Britain vs. China
June 26, Liverpool

1. Great Britain 145,525

2. China 145,450

1. Beth Tweddle (GBR)- 37.100

2. Fan Ye (CHN)- (CHN)- 36.650
3. Imogen Cairns (GBR)- 36.325
4. Samantha Bayley (GBR)- 35.775
5. Melanie Roberts (GBR)- 35.725
6. Guo Li (CHN)- 35.700

1. Beth Tweddle GBR 9.237

2. Imogen Cairns GBR 9.2125
3. Guo Li CHN 9.075

1. Beth Tweddle GBR 9.700

2. Li Ya CHN 9.650
3. Fan Ye CHN 9.575

1. Fan Ye CHN 9.700

2. Li Ya CHN 9.500
3. Xiao Sha CHN 9.400

1. Fan Ye CHN 9.675

2. Beth Tweddle GBR 9.675
3. Lin Xia CHN 9.550
source: baga