20. May 2003  
Artistic Gymnastics

Greece and Romania won their Meets

After the gymnastics highlights in March (world cup) and April (Greece Nationals) now the city of Thessaloniki experienced its next top events: Two triple meets last weekend:

On Sunday the Romanian men's team won with a score of 221,60 points against France (221,35) and Greece (215,80). The French Florent Mar?e (54,50) was the best gymnast in all around.ybr>
On Saturday the Greece women team (142,25) won their triple meet against the guests from Bulgaria (135,075) and the Hungarians (133,775).
Best in all around were also two Greece gymnasts:
Stephanie Bisbikou (36.550) and Maria Mastrogiannopoulou (35.625) , behind them came the new Bulgarian citizen Viktoria Karpenko (35.15).