06. March 2006  
Helmond / Netherlands  
Artistic Gymnastics

Hasta la vista at the FIG Gala en San Juan

The FIG 125th anniversary Gala 2006 for the region of North and Central America will take place in San Juan, Puerto Rico (24-25 June). For the Federación Puertorrique?a de Gimnasia this FIG Gala, celebrating the 125th anniversary of the founding of the FIG in 1881, has another very special meaning. This year the federation is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its founding and the 30th anniversary of its affiliation to FIG.
Official Gala Supplier in San Juan...
<< Janssen-Fritsen, as one of the sponsors of the Federación Puertorrique?a de Gimnasia, will be the official supplier of the gymnastic equipment that will be used at the FIG Gala in San Juan, where the best gymnasts of North and Central America will be competing.
>> 'Hasta la vista en San Juan!'
Source:JF Press release