05. May 2005  
Tokyo, Japan  
Artistic Gymnastics

Hiroyuki Tomita wins Japanese World Trials

72 Gymnasts (!!) competed in the all around competition of the Japanese 'Worlds Secondary Trials 2005', which were held at Tokyo's Yoyogi Stadium .

Hiroyuki Tomita won the overall competition on first but also on second day. His best events were rings and horizontal bar. His rings have added a slow back roll to maltese cross from a beautiful planche.
This year the 2005 Universiade will be held in Izmir, Turkey.
Five Japanese men qualified for the Japanese Universiade team.

These men include:
Hiroyuki Tomita, Takehiro Kashima, Yosuke Baba, Shun Kuwabara and Takehito Moriy....
Second Day (Thursday
Kashima is past world champion on side horse and horizontal bar. In this competition, his parallel bars and rings substantially improved. His rings, for example, had a lack of strong stunts, but what he did (kip to maltese cross, lower to back lever and pull to cross) did not look weak by any stretch of the imagination.
Baba was also strong on every event.... but his best was parallel bars, where he performed a high and clean piked morisue (double back sommie to overarm hang.)
Kuwabara's best stunt was a laid out thomas on floor exercise (one and a half back sommie with one and a half twist to forward roll.)
Mori had a very weak ring routine, but finished with a beautiful piked double front sommie dismount. On horizontal bar he performed a piatti with full twist.... (stoop circle to reverse hecht with full twist). Today, however, he performed the piatti without a full twist... just a straight body reverse hecht with legs together.

Women's 2nd Day competition
While the number of mistakes increased in the last session, Manami Ishizaka - winner of the 1st day's all-around - was notably different from the others; she showed mental strength and that her gymnastics was unbeatable. She hit every routine, and nobody could imagine an error from her. She currently is the top qualifier not only for the NHK Cup but also for the World Championships and East Asian Games.
Uemura and Oshima, who were second and third respectively, were not up for today. Uemura was completely out of shape, missing vault and uneven bars, and going out of bounds on floor. Oshima made big mistakes on every event except vault....
At this competition, women's Japanese Universiade squad would be selected, and the battle for the five spot was extreamly excited. The three spot went to Ishizaka, Uemura, and Sahara withtou doubt, but the rest of them was unpredictable. Yamamoto had a fall on uneven bars, and Mizoguchi missed again on beam like yersterday. Yamamoto, however, was calm on the later events and got the one spot. Even though the reigning national champion Ichikawa chased up with strong performance on beam and floor, Tanaka got the final spot over Ichikawa by only 0.025. Tanaka had small breaks on beam but she cleanly hit a beautiful Yurchenko with 1 1/2 twist to score 9.000, which would let her go to Universiade.
source: website of JGF