10. July 2005  
Sabae / Japan  
Artistic Gymnastics

Japan nominated its World Teams 2005

The host city of the 1995 World Championships of artistic gymnastics, Sabae, was show place of the Japanese World Final Trials on Friday (1st competition) and Saturday (2nd comp.) last week.
Best after these two days was the Friday's second placed Olympic gold medalist Hisashi Mizutori, followed by Hiroyuki Tomita and Takehiro Kashima.
Mizutori, Tomita, and four others were named to the Japanese men's team for the 2005 world championships, to be held in November in Melbourne, Australia: Isao Yoneda, Takehiro Kashima and the specialists Tatsuya Yamada and Eiichi Sekiguchi.
In the women's category, Olympian Manami Ishizaka placed first. The top four gymnasts were named to the world team.
All-Around, WOMEN
1. Manami Ishizaka 106.337 / 34.625
2. Kyoko Oshima 106.200 / 35.500
3. Mayu Kuroda 105.600 / 35.825
4 Ayaka Sahara 105.575 / 35.100

5. Miki Uemura 104.925 / 35.075
6. Satomi Yamamoto 102.175 / 3.700