17. March 2007  
Berlin / Germany  
Artistic Gymnastics

Japanese team defends the title at the Intl. Junior Team Cup


A top level competition!As expected, the titleholder of last year's INTERNATIONAL JUNIOR TEAM CUP, the boys from JAPAN, defended the trophy and won the event also this year with a score of 249.900 points.

The team FRANCE I followed in second place with 247.800 in front of Switzerland  (245.700). The competition included the incredible number of 25 teams from 17 different countries! Also the boys from Spain (4th place) and Nottinghamshire/ Great Britain (6th place) left strong impressions.

The best of  the 3 participating German teams was the host club SC Berlin who ended up in 7th place.


impressive atmosphere and a talents competition on a very high level!

Beste der Altersklassenwertungen / Individual ranking in the age groups:

*Age group '93 and younger:
1. Sam Oldham (GBR)       83.450
2. Mikita Kavaliou  (BLR)    79.100
3. Luca Grossklaus (SUI)  77.900
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*Age group '91 - '92:
1. Rokas Guscinas  (LTU)  81.750
2. Robin Michel  (GER)        79.900
3. Yuto Murakami  (JPN)      78.500
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*Age group '89 - '90:
1. Masataka Aoyama  (JPN) 87.300
2. Lucas Fischer   (SUI)        85.250
3. Hiroyuki Imai   (JPN)          84.100
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Great Britain was represented by the 'Nottinghamshire School of Gymnastics'. The team showed a very good technical basis in their performances.

The hosts from Germany's SC Berlin struggled with quite a few insecurities during their routines in this competition. If they had made less mistakes a higher place in the ranking might have been possible.

The winners' podium: Japan in front of France and Switzerland

All in all:

This International Junior Team Cup is a very high level tournament - the entry field almost looks like a small Junior World Championships! Especially since it's a team competition quite a lot of possible future gymnastics stars can be seen at this event.

There is one thing left to be hoped for the organisers for next year. This high-level competition certainly deserves a few more people in the audience ranks. The next International Junior Team Cup is planned for March 2nd 2008 - this will be about 9 weeks before the Junior European Championships!

Eckhard Herholz/ Jens Milbradt/ Lisa Worthmann