19. May 2003  
Ter Apel/Netherlands  
Artistic Gymnastics

Meet of Raising Generation: NED-GER-GBR

In Ter Apel (Netherlands) took place an 'International Meet of raising generation', between the female national teams of host Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain.
It was a competition with two scores:
Girls at the age of 14 - 15 years (juniors) and 12 - 13 years old girls (youth). The Dutch and the Germans started with two teams, Great Britain only with a junior squad, but it was the best team and Kim Lyon won in juniors all around.
Nathalie Blettermann from Leeuwarden was the best Dutch gymnast on second place in juniors category...

First international event: The German girls

Melanie Ferber (re) and Nina Pielen from Germany