15. November 2007  
Milan / Italy  
Artistic Gymnastics

Mikhaill KLIMENKO died in Milan ....

Following grave disease, one of the world-famous coaches died yesterday on his 65th birthday in his hometown Milan. << Mikhall KLIMENKO was once National juniors' champion of the USSR, but turned to the profession of coach quite early due to an injury and once took care of the gravely injured wheelchair-bound Elena Mukhina. The brother of the sixfold European Champion Victor Klimenko,  who lives in Germany now, was known as one of the most creative coaches in womens' artistic gymnastics. 

The Klimenko Brothers 1972 in Grenoble
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A little later, already during the 1980ies, Mikhail Klimenko left the Soviet Union and found a second home in Italy, where he worked as coach in womens' artistic gymnastics in Milan till the end.
(c) Eckhard Herholz / gymmedia