02. October 2007  
Leverkusen / Germany  
Artistic Gymnastics


Olympic Artistic Gymnastics „LIVE in Leverkusen“
Gymnasts from 10 countries compete for the „Leverkusen-Cup 2007“

The "Turn-Club 72 Leverkusen" is hosting the Leverkusen-Cup for the 32nd time in series - a unique international tradition in the competition circuit!
The Leverkusen-Cup is thus the oldest international competition in the olympic discipline of women's artisitc gymnastics in Europe, along with the Cottbus Masters Tournament which was first held in 1971.
As in past years Olympic-, ECh and WCh- participants will take part as well as gymnasts belonging to the national team of the elite and junior classes..

32nd LEVERKUSEN CUP - first competition after the WCh and the World Cup in Bratislava
... an attractive meeting point for international gymnasts

... Turnen boomt!
Leverkusen bietet Spitzenturnen vom Feinsten!!

Current Entry:
- 2007, October 2 -

* - Egyptian Gymnastics Federation
Sandy Effat Shehata (1st Arab Games 2006; 1st Arab youth Games vault)
- Miriam Fouad El Hajj; Radwa Ali El Gohary

* - Federation Royale Belgium

- Julie Croket (Nat. youth champion 2006)
- Renate Masscheli; Lisse Bossaerts

* Germany - Auswahl-Team
- Yvonne Musik; Jessica Heinz

* Italy 1
- Ginnastica Artistica Lissonese
- Emily Armi; Andrea La Spada
- Elisabetta Preziosa (2nd beam, EYOF 2007)

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