26. September 2006  
Hamburg / Germany  
Artistic Gymnastics

PREVIEW: 5th ALSTERPOKAL 2006 -- GYMfamily Event --

The International Alsterpokal in Hamburg, Germany will held to the fifth time already coming weekend and is an established date now of the international GYM Calendar.
Started in 2002 for femal gymnasts only the 5th ALSTER CUP 2006 will welcome male gymnasts to the first time, too.
At the program are team competitions for juniors and senior, but also finals at all six apparatuses too.
Additionally to the femal events of juniors and seniors also the talents of the age group 10 years and younger will participate this year in a team competition., only.

Teams from 12 different countries will expect at the German port town Hamburg, coming from Ukraine, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, Peru, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, the Czech Republik and some teams from host Germany....

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>> Aktueller Meldestand/Teilnehmer

>> From 2004 on the International ALSTER CUP is a
'G Y M family Event'.


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