14. July 2007  
Rio de Janeiro / BRA  
Artistic Gymnastics

PREVIEW: Gymnastics at the Pan American Games 2007

XV. Pan American Games Rio 2007 (CO-RIO)
During 16 days, - from July 13 -29 , 5,662 athletes from 42 different countries in the Americas will be after their best results on the courts, tracks, fields and swimming pools of Rio 2007.
>> The gymnastics disciplines will held from July 14 to 17 (artistic), on July 27 (rhythmic)  and July 27 - 28 (trampoline).
On Thursday, July 12 took place the men's and women's podium training and today the events starts...

The German supplier of the RIO 2007' Gymnastics events
- SPIETH Gymnastic
- powers the GYMmedia Gymnastics coverages of the 2007 Pan American Games

MASKOT of Rio 2007
Joyful, a sports lover, a good host, a friend:
<< CAUÊ, the little sun, is the official mascot of the XV Pan American Games Rio 2007. A symbol that reflects the real image of the Marvelous City (Cidade Maravilhosa), well-known all over the world by its bliss, sunshine and hospitality.


... Host BRAZIL - at the same time in Austria - met the FIG President Bruno Grandi  at the >>  13th WORLD GYMNAESTRADA:

FIG President Bruno Grandi visited the Brazilian national presentation at the WORLD GYMNAESTRADA in Dornbirn, Austria and the Brazilians there wishes the organizers at home in Rio de Janeiro 'GOOD LUCK'!

>> The *Rhythmic gymnastics event will take place on July 27 (individual, groups),
>> the *Trampoline individual on July 27 - 28.
(* - GYMmedia will report on the days of the decisions)