06. November 2005  
Ljubljana/ Slovenia  
Artistic Gymnastics

ŠIŠKA Gym International 2005 - Finals

Final Day in Ljubljana

Today took place the apparatus finals at the 9th ŠIŠKA Gym International in Ljubljana/ Slovenia.

Like it was visible already in yesterday’s qualification, the highest difficulties were missing also today during the finals but most of the competitors managed to show their routines solidly.

Winning overall 6 medals, the Dutch gymnasts once again were the most successful. Floarea Leonida (ROM) presented herself slightly improved compared to yesterday but still not very consistent.

Tanja Delladio winning the first medal for Croatia

Uneven bars
In an overall not too strong final Lichelle Wong managed to win her 2nd medal of the day despite of a fall from the upper bar. Her team mate Danila Koster clearly dominated this final and won with a beautiful routine including nice Stalders, well-reached handstand positions and a double twist dismount. Leonida left out content and in the end fell while going from the lower to the upper bar

Results uneven bars final
1st Danila Koster NED: 8.675 (SV: 9.400)
2nd Lichelle Wong NED: 8.363 (SV: 9.600)
3rd Veronika Ozanova CZE: 8.213 (SV: 9.00)
4th Tanja Delladio CRO: 8.188 ( SV: 9. 500)
5th Britnee Habbib CAN: 8.00 (SV: 9.00)
6th Floarea Leonida ROM 7.738 (SV: 9.200)
7th Marija Fišter CRO: 7.363 (SV: 8.900)
8th Alenka Dolničar SLO: 7.225 (SV: 8.900)

Mouses, named 'Miškes' in Slovenia, assisting by the victory ceremony

The beam final was a narrow decision between Wong and Leonida who both had routines with a SV of 9.800. Lichelle Wong presented her routined a bit more fluent and with a better execution including the interesting combination Onodi - somersault bw. tucked. This in the end brought her the victory. An interesting and well executed routine including the combination tucked somersault fw. – tucked somersault bw. was presented by the young Polish talent Paula Plichta.

Results beam final
1st Lichelle Wong NED: 8.900 (SV: 9.800)
2nd Floarea Leonida ROM: 8.775 (SV: 9.800)
3rd Paula Plichta POL: 8.225 (SV: 9.300)
4th Adela Šajn SLO: 8.213 (SV: 9.300)
5th Jolien Eggermon BEL: 8.050 (SV: 8.900)
6th Danila Koster NED: 7.550 (SV: 8.900)
7th Marija Fišter CRO: 7.350 (SV: 8.700)
8th Ajda Pavlocič SLO: 7.025 (SV 8.700)

Adela Šajn (SLO) pleased the crowd with her expressive floor routine

Friendly gesture
European Champion 2005 on vault, Francesca Benolli, from Italy, who was originally scheduled for Šiška 2005 (and couldn't compete due to her knee injury which was not fully recovered in time) came over from Italy just for watching the competition and being part of the award cermony. The president of Šiška GIM KLUB, Janez Matoh, said 'Thank you' with a little present for this act of friendship.